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Main Features

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Prisom’s Order Management functionality is a flexible tool used to group and release orders for shipment. Release single orders or groups of orders based on order number, customer ID, destination, dates, FIFO/LIFO carriers, priorities, and any combination thereof. Simplified ordering process allows users to enter a valid account details and the easiness to search for products required for the order, there is also a visibility of customer’s credit availability and limit. Order Management is as advanced enough to allow a client the unique ability to use order tracking technologies. All these features are in many cases differ according to a clients’ specific requirements and goals.


Goods receipt can be with or without ref to PO, however, we recommend that an inbound delivery should be created with a ref option. PO enabled inbound delivery minimizes costly errors from incorrect stocks from entering your warehouse and ultimately saving you money from correcting such mistakes.


We provide a wide range of options for managing inventory from the physical inventory functions to obtaining detailed inventory movement for each material at each stage of the process. With all the inventory management enabled functions you can track assets from the moment it is received at the dock door, including every step of the warehouse process until it is directed out for shipping. Inventory and Assets are controlled at the item level by SKU number, batch, Expiry Date, Quantity and location.

P.O.D Management

The shipments’ delivery confirmation can be automated and email notification sent out to customers about status of their orders. Proof of delivery becomes particularly important when legal and financial documents are to be exchanged between two parties hence the need to track and trace them seamlessly. In addition to the proof of delivery itself, you can also record the POD date, POD time, the actual quantity delivered and the reason for possible differences in quantities.


You optimize the picking process by collectively removing stock from your warehouse for several outgoing deliveries, you can pick a collective number of outbound delivery requirements all together or individually based on your preference(s). In doing so, you can minimize the total number of picking transactions necessary for picking. You can monitor each step of the picking process in detail at any time. You can split the delivery with the storage type for picking so that more than one person can pick at a time and with the correct allocation of resources and equipment thus saving you money. Current information technology enables warehouse operators to achieve a shipping accuracy rate above 99.7%


Prisom uses Clickthru applications embedded with power BI tools for report presentation and it is a versatile tool that has the capability of previewing reports before printing, saving reports in various formats (HTML, PDF, Excel, etc. ), emailing or faxing reports from the desktop if email or fax servers are accessible. It understands the business intelligence workflow from end-to-end to help you make informed business decisions

Parcel Tracking

Prisom uses several ways to track your parcel. We want to make sure that your parcel big or small gets delivered or recieved on time. Track via reference or tracking number and follow our tracking steps. We use the latest QR or bar code scanning methods to give detailed info of where your package or shipment is at any time.

Financial Integration

Our system allows integration of any accounting package to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in cost reduction. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE Evolution, Business Cloud, Quickbooks


Pricing will be based per user per month

Warehouse management systems support warehouse staff in performing the processes required to handle all of the major and minor warehouse tasks such as receiving, inspection and acceptance, put-away, internal replenishment to picking positions, picking, packing, value added services, order assembly on the shipping.


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What Prisom is all about

Prisom WMS is a cost effective and equally capable warehouse management software application in which any business in any sector verticals can use to support its all day-to-day operations in the warehouse. It is a powerful tool that simplifies and enables the organisation to run a centralised management of challenging tasks such as track and tracing Inventory movements from goods receipt all the way to point of itemised deliveries and reporting.

It is of imperative importance to stress the power of scalability and customizability of Prisom WMS enabled by its latest technology for lean integration with any available legacy systems, as we understand each organisation is unique and thus clients deserve products which uniquely represents and differentiate them thus giving them the competitive advantage in the market they operate. Also, Prisom can be used as a “Standalone” application or as part of an “Enterprise Resource Planning” (ERP) system.


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